Stop Stressing and Free Yourself to Focus on What You Do Best

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Stop Stressing and Free Yourself to Focus on What you Do Best

You’ve got too much to do without trying to fix your website also.

Are you spending hours trying to figure out how to fix plugin errors, optimize your site, or deal with frustrating technical issues?

As a small business owner, you’re used to playing lots of different roles in your business. But trying to be a web developer and fix everything yourself can actually hold you back.

Not only do you waste time on WordPress problems… but the stress, frustration, and electronic nightmares that ensue drain your energy.

Your business deserves your full attention. You shouldn’t have to worry about scouring the internet for bug fixes, managing unreliable freelancers, or hounding a plugin developer for a response.

Small business owner

Problem Solved. Kick back and watch as your list of technical challenges are taken care of.

Stop grinding away your weekends and evenings.

Anytime you need help, all you have to do is fire off an email to a special address at Site Steward. Our entire team will be alerted and a developer will hop on your issue. Most issues are fixed the same day you email.

Gnarly problems that stump everyone else get squashed.

Site Steward is a highly skilled team that regularly fixes problems that plugin developers, “top tier” freelancers, and premium hosting services can’t figure out.

Go from overwhelm to total peace of mind.

Not only will your backlog of to-do’s get taken care of, but updates will be taken care of, your site will be continually monitored for downtime, and backups and security measures will be put in place to keep everything running smoothly.

Like Having a WordPress Expert on Your Staff

(At a Fraction of the Cost)

Site Steward offers an ongoing support and maintenance service.
It’s like having a WordPress expert on your staff, but it’s cheaper than hiring an employee.

Get help for today’s issue and know that whether it’s tomorrow, next week, or two months from now when you need help- we’ll be there for you.

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“Site Steward's technical expertise has allowed us to focus on our core business. Site Steward staff is knowledgeable and efficient, and they quickly handle any updates, plugin integrations, and technical issues that come up… we know that they’ll devise a well-thought-out solution to any WordPress issues that arise.”

Josh L., HiFi

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Is Your Website Mission Critical?

Site Steward is for You.

E-Commerce Businesses

Get responsive and smart support for your WooCommerce website. Whether you need help optimizing the speed, tweaking the user experience, or adding a custom message to visitors from certain states- we’ve got your back.

Full Featured WordPress Sites & Membership Sites

Got a full featured WordPress install that relies on multiple plugins to deliver value? We can help you iron out kinks, smooth the user experience, and make sure that your site stays on track delivering value to your users.

Conversion Focused Sales Websites

Have a mission critical website that helps your business generate leads? Ask us about our WordPress 360 Audit. You’ll get insight on what on your website drives visitors to goals and what may be holding them back.