This position is already filled.

Title: Jr. WordPress Developer for Support Company

Working Hours:  9:00 AM - 6:00 PM Eastern - Tuesday - Saturdays - 40 hours/week


Hello WordPress Developers! 

I’m John, the President of Site Steward, a WordPress support services company.  We’re looking for a junior WordPress developer to join our support team.

The work itself is pretty simple: you rescue people.  

That means you’ll:

  • Dig into the code to troubleshoot web page errors
  • Fix broken updates
  • Make website additions and changes
  • And problem solve on a daily basis

In the end, our clients will be really grateful to you because you’re bailing them out of whatever trouble is ruining their day.  

“Thank-you so much!  You rock!” is what we hear and what you’ll hear.  Well, what you’ll see anyway- there’s no phone support.  You work out of a ticket queue and everything is in writing.

The job is one part customer service and three parts puzzle solving.  If you smooshed Watson and Sherlock Holmes together and gave them development super powers: those are the shoes you’ll fill. 

We are looking for a Jr. WordPress developer specifically with these requirements:

  • Can work 30 - 40 hours on Tuesdays - Saturdays starting around 9:00 AM Eastern (exact time is up to you.)  This is a contract (1099) position.
  • Knows Wordpress inside and out.  Understands how and where things are organized, both in the admin UI and how the code is organized (e.g. how theme files are organized, how plugins are loaded, etc.)
  • Can use developer tools to identify bugs in CSS or javascript.
  • Can write CSS to apply or change designs.
  • Can write PHP- create functions, manipulate arrays, understands the fundamentals of object oriented programming.
  • Can write SELECT queries with inner joins.
  • Has clear writing and professional communication.
  • Enjoys problem solving and figuring things out.
  • Enjoys helping people in a responsive environment.

 Your responsibility will include (but not limited to):

  • Responding to support tickets within 2 hours of them entering our system.
  • Communicating directly with customers over email.
  • Resolving better than 4 tickets a day on average.
  • Providing development on projects.
  • Advancing your knowledge under a learning plan when days are slow.

 Growth Opportunities/Perks:

  • Work with a smart team of friendly, competent, and professional people.
  • Our team members have a lot of freedom in choosing how they work.  You will control your day, when you take breaks, how long your lunch is, etc.  There’s no micromanaging here.
  • You’ll learn a lot.  Our last hire said that they learned more in 6 months than they did in the past 1.5 years at their previous job.
  • Work in an environment where there are already good systems in place - nothing is on fire in our business.
  • Work with a team that produces great outcomes for our customers. They appreciate and trust us.
  • As you advance you’ll have the opportunity to move into support leadership and custom development roles.

 This Position Is Perfect For You If…

  • Enjoy problem solving.
  • Are continuously learning and advancing your skills.
  • Can focus on the quickest route to success.
  • Pay attention to details and double check your work.
  • Can work independently and are highly reliable, conscientious, and trustworthy.

What We Do

Site Steward provides WordPress support and marketing for small businesses that have websites that are mission critical.

Our hiring process is made up of 3 phases, so please be aware that you will need to dedicate time for a questionnaire, two interviews, and a small paid project.