The intuitive index

The Challenges in Creating a User Friendly Website

One of the common objectives that we hear from associations who are planning a website redesign is that you want the website to be more user friendly and "intuitive."

What makes a website intuitive is multi-fauceted though, it's not just one thing. For example: 

  • What's intuitive for a person with sight may not be intuitive for a blind user.
  • What makes a site intuitive for a member who uses the site on an almost daily basis may not be intuitive at all for a one-time visitor from the public.
  • A website smartly designed that takes forever to load will still be painfully difficult for members to access.

Additionally, websites often leave an agency like ours with a smartly implemented UX strategy and are easy to use. But as the years pass after launch, needs arise and decisions are made that degrade how user friendly it is. Menus expand in size, features are added, the design shifts and one day you sit down at your computer and realize the website has become cumbersome and difficult to navigate.

Make & Keep Your Website Intuitive With Applied Research

In response to these challenges, we created a proprietary tool named the Intuitive Index. It's a core component of our Excavation, Selection, and Direction (ESD) strategy engagement  and provides a multi-dimensional measure to identify opportunities to improve in your website redesign.  And after the site has been launched, you can use it at any point to re-evaluate the site and keep it on track into the future.

The Intuitive Index measures your website on six different dimensions to create a composite score and integrates: 

  • UX research
  • Cognitive psychology research
  • Accessibility and UX standards from Google's Chrome team and subject matter experts
  • Behavioral anti-patterns

Planning a Website Redesign? We Should Talk

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