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In Anatomy of a Hacked Joomla site, I introduced blacklists and how to check if your Joomla site is on one (Is My Joomla Website Hacked?)

How Do You Get Your Joomla Website Off of a Blacklist?

You can't force a blacklist to remove you, however all of them have tools available that enable you to request another review of your site. In most cases:

  1. You'll need to set up an account with the blacklist.
  2. Verify your ownership of the site by making changes to it or uploading a file.
  3. In your account control panel with the blacklist, enter your website into a form requesting that they review it again.

This enters your Joomla site into a queue for them to review again. Generally, we've seen fairly quick turnaround for these reviews (under 72 hours), but it is dependent upon the blacklist maintainer.

Below is a list of links where you can create an account with the blacklist maintainer.

How to Assess Damage for Google Search Rankings

Being hacked will often affect your search rankings and Google may even tell your visitors that your website is dangerous to visit.

Google malware warning shown to browsers
If your site is marked as hacked by Google or you believe hackers are affecting your search rankings. Our free guide will help you quickly assess and respond to the damage.


In the final section, we'll examine the key points in how to keep your Joomla site secure going forward.

Section 7: How to Stay Secure Going Forward

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