Slow Websites Are Bad For Business
Optimize Yours To Load Fast.

Our WordPress Speed optimization
service decreases your loading
time or money back

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Speeding Up Your Website Will Help:


Improve user experience


Increase page views


Improve SEO


Maximize Conversions

How We Use Our 14+ years
Expertise To Speed Up
Your Wordpress

Image Optimization

Get the best image optimizer for WordPress and reduce image bandwidth slowing down your site. All this while still retaining image quality and a fast-loading site.

WordPress Minifying resources

WordPress minifying resources delete unnecessary HTML, Javascript, and CSS characters slowing down your WordPress. We use the best of these resources to get rid of dead weight and improve your WordPress performance.

Caching plugin configuration

Your best WordPress cache plugin Could be doing half the optimization your WordPress needs. This is because WordPress cache plugins need to be Properly configured to thoroughly cache and improve your site’s performance.

Plugin review, suggestions & optimization

Some plugins work against your WordPress’ performance and some plugins you simply don’t need. With our informed Developer’s input, we will review suggestions and get rid of redundant Plugins that are weighing and slowing your WordPress down.

Third-party scripts optimized by deferred loading

When your website is not optimized by deferred loading, chances are your Third-party javascripts load before your page’s elements. This means your website pages take a long time to load completely. This often leads to visitors abandoning your site.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Wordpress Speed Optimization Service

Got questions about the details? 



What access do you need to access my website?

We will require your administrator access to the wp-admin dashboard as well as your server.

How long will the speed optimization effects last on my website?

Our speed optimization service is a long term investment with long term results. We expect the effects to last indefinitely unless there are direct changes made that undo the measures we put in place.

Most of our customers opt to receive ongoing support under our WordPress support plans. This way we can always implement necessary changes without reverting the site to be slow again.

Does the speed optimization implements apply across all devices?

Yes. Your site will be optimized to load fast on PCs, Mobile Phones, Tablets and any other device used to access your website.

Is there a criteria my website has to meet to qualify for the speed optimization service?

No. We are experienced developers with 14+ years experience working on WordPress sites. We work on sites with different hosting, unique designs and different purposes. All we need is to get familiar with your site and make the best implementation for your site.