Attendee Comments


"Best session thus far at the conference. I will be instituting the advice."

“Excellent concise - actionable takeaways”

"I told my peer group that I felt that you had the best content presented so far with ICON2020."

“I just finalized some text for a Why Join flier that I will re-evaluate based on the methodology John shared. The timing is (almost) perfect. Seeing this last week would have been even better!”

“Clearly presented, very practical”

“I learned about leveraging my authority to create content, what members value on my website, making the website member focused, simplifying primary navigation, and fixing the speed! Great class! Loved the slideshow presentation.”


“Extremely engaging and I came away with multiple ways to reinvent our website.”

“Had a lot of ah-ha moments. John did a great job focusing on his presentation - gave us a lot in the short time that he had.”

“Very informative and engaging speaker.”

“John gave a fantastic, engaging, and energizing presentation with clear steps to take and apply immediately! Loved this session!”

“Great presenter! I loved that the Queer Eye theme flowed well throughout the session, even though I've never seen the show that made it easy to understand.”

"Great talk! Topic was very useful and relevant to working at Intel. Speaker was very engaging too!"


"Great insights that go beyond the website communication~ can be used in all communications."

"Brilliant summary of a complex subject."

"Great session! Loved the interactions throughout the talk!"

"Very useful, great speaker! loved how interactive it was"

"Loved the instructor, the examples and the participation."

"I enjoyed the session very much. I liked the analogy of associations having a super power. Also liked showing the real life website examples (good and bad) and how to think about best ways to put material up."