Get Paid to Start a Tech Career

A 9 month WordPress developer apprenticeship designed for people with no experience

Get Paid to Start a Tech Career

A Path to Earning More Through Skilled Work

anywhere in the US, no computer needed

Anywhere in the US, No Computer Needed

This is a remote apprenticeship designed to help people from low income backgrounds learn a trade and level up their earning power. Even if you don't currently own a computer, you can still apply and participate in the program.

earn 2 web development certifications

Earn 2 Web Development Certifications

You'll go through two programs of study - one from Duke University and one from WC3, the standards body for the Internet. Both programs award certificates so that you can prove your ability to future employers. Additionally, you'll develop a portfolio of work from on the job training.

get what you need for longterm

Get What You Need for Longterm

The most successful individuals are not just good at *what* they do, but *how* they do it. As part of the apprenticeship, you'll learn approaches to working with others that will serve you your entire career. You'll improve your communication, ability to learn form experience, and self-knowledge.

No One Has Ever Pulled Themselves Up by Their Bootstraps

Learn Who This Apprenticeship Is for

There's a popular idea of the self-reliant person "pulling themselves up by their bootstraps." A person is supposed to improve their position in life by force of will. This idea is inherently flawed. Though we all face our challenges alone, no one does it without the help of others. We learn from the lessons of others using tools and resources other people built. Eventually, we gain from opportunities that other people provide.

The problem is that life isn't fair. We don't all get the same support in achieving our potential. We don't play on a level playing field. Beyond the harm it causes to those born into misfortune, it robs all of us of the benefit of their gifts as they instead struggle to survive.

This apprenticeship aims to provide a small counterbalance to this problem. It's specifically designed to support people from low income backgrounds who are doing their best to "pull themselves up by their bootstraps."

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WordPress Developer Training
+ on the Job Challenge

What's included in the apprenticeship

This is a 9 month, full-time, paid apprenticeship. The hourly wage is $17/hour.

You'll join our fully remote team and go through three stages of work:

Months 1 - 3 Introduction

During the first three months, you'll learn the tools and fundamentals of the web development trade.

Most of your time will be spent learning through instruction and exercise. This will include the study of "front end" languages:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

You'll also be tasked with some of the rudimentary work of our team.

Months 3 - 6 Application

In months 3 - 6, your time will be split closer to 50/50 learning and application as you integrate your knowledge using real world challenges.

You'll make the jump from working mostly in isolated environments to making changes to websites running content management systems.

Some of your work will involve direct interactions with clients as you field selected requests from our WordPress developer services.

Months 6 - 9 Integration

In months 6 - 9, you'll shift to mostly focusing on real world work.

This will include both web development projects as part of a team and manning our services desk to help our service customers.

These experiences will give you a portfolio of work that demonstrates your ability to future employers. It will also provide experience in a role that requires communication and problem solving.

Finally, as the apprenticeship draws to a close, we'll help you to prepare for and look for your first job as a web developer.

Mentorship & Soft Skills Development

Also Throughout the 9 months you'll have weekly check-ins with a dedicated mentor.

In addition to your developer training, you'll be tasked with "soft skill" assignments to develop your ability to think and communicate as part of a team. This will include free monthly coaching services from Christopher Moore of Lead the Way Coach.

Small business owner
Man at desk

No Computer Needed

Resources and Support

You'll need to be able to focus full time on your apprenticeship.

If you don´t currently have a computer, we'll provide one. If you don´t currently have internet or a quiet space to work, we'll provide this as well.

If you're facing other challenges that would prevent you from dedicating yourself to the appreticeship, just let us know in your application, and we'll see if we can help you figure out a solution.

Small business owner

The Apprenticeship Starts June of 2022

We will be accepting and interviewing
candidates through June 15, 2022.

After that, the next apprenticeship will begin in early 2023.


This Is Not An Internship

You need to already have a passion for technology and enjoy spending your time in front of a screen. This is not an exposure program where you'll get to see what it's like to do development. Rather, this is a big first step into becoming a web developer.

This Opportunity is For Individuals From Low Income Backgrounds

We believe in helping whoever we can. However, this apprenticeship is specifically for the people who need it most. Our test for this is coming from a household where neither parent achieved a bachelors degree. This isn't a perfect test. If you think you qualify but do not meet the aforementioned criteria, let us know why on your application.

Ability to Commit for 9 Months

This is a nine month engagement. You need to be able and willing to commit to nine months of full time work. If you don't think you can make that commitment, then please delay applying until you can.

Solid English & Math Ability

You have to be able to communicate clearly in writing and be a strong reader. Additionally, you need to show that you have good math skills to at least a pre-algebra level.

How to Apply

The application process consists of three rounds of selection including several interviews.

Applications for the 2022 program are no longer accepted. We are in the process of candidate selection.

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