WordPress Support as Reliable as a Full Time Employee

(Only smarter)

Ongoing Support and Maintenance for WordPress Sites

Get Same Day Help

Tired of reaching out to freelance WordPress developers and having to wait days or weeks before you get help? We guarantee a response within 24 hours and 7 days a week. Most issues are fixed the same day.

Development Experts

Any fix, question, or problem you encounter will be addressed by our small team of senior developers. We have more than 14 years in business custom programming apps, themes, products, and plugins. Our team lead is a Zend Certified Engineer for PHP.

Rock Solid Reliable

Not only will you get help from developers who communicate clearly, but we will monitor your WordPress website for issues and correct them proactively. You’ll be able to focus on your business with an extra layer of confidence knowing that you have a reliable team watching over your site.

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“Finding good, reliable, (and fast acting when needed) web experts is not easy… Previous WordPress developers would be slow to act and at times needed to refer issues to ‘specialists’ which further delayed fixes. I love that the staff work as a team to resolve issues that crop up (or that I might cause) exceptionally quickly. Highly recommended!.”

— Adam C., Gevenalle

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“Site Steward's technical expertise has allowed us to focus on our core business. Site Steward staff is knowledgeable and efficient, and they quickly handle any updates, plugin integrations, and technical issues that come up… we know that they’ll devise a well-thought-out solution to any WordPress issues that arise.”

— Josh L., HiFi


“Our users faced long wait times, and were running into errors using our store and events calendar. It was costing us a fortune in lost sales and hours trying to troubleshoot. Site Steward was able to resolve our issues in a fraction of the time we'd invested, and in the process found several other ways to improve the site... I couldn't recommend them enough.”

– Jeremy H, Seattle Makers

Responsive Help From a Team Available 7 Days a Week

Get All Your Issues Fixed by Just Sending an Email

Help is just an email away. Some support providers will make you sit in a chat for 45 minutes while they figure out if it’s something easy to fix. With Site Steward, you just emails us any problems (big or small) questions, fixes, or changes and we’ll take care of it.

Step #1

Oh no! Something’s broken or you want something changed. Fortunately, you’ve got Site Steward at your back.

Step #2

You send an email to a special email address.

Step #3

A ticket is created and an alert goes out to the entire team.

Step #4

The first developer available hops on your issue. This is typically within a couple of hours for non-emergencies and minutes for urgent requests.

Step #5

We get your site exactly as you want it to be.

Step #6

Each month you receive a report on your site health and all the issues and changes completed for you that month.

More Than Expert Help

Robust Systems & Best in Class Plugins to Make Sure Your Site is Serving Visitors

  • Help within 24 hours of your request. Most support responses are within a few hours for non-emergencies.
  • Regular WordPress maintenance that keeps your site up-to-date with the latest security patches and bug fixes.
  • Regular security scans to catch attacks.
  • Routine encrypted off site backups.
  • Site monitoring to ensure your site is live.
  • Hacker Insurance— free site recovery if your site is ever successfully attacked.
  • Bug fixes for when something isn’t working right.
  • Recommendations on site stability and performance.
  • We’ll coordinate on your behalf to resolve any associated issues with your DNS, your web host, or a specific extension.
  • And when something needs to be changed or added to your website, get help quickly without having to track down a developer, vet them, and work your way into their schedule.

Monthly Reports Keep You In The Loop

Support is ongoing and runs on a monthly cycle. It starts with…

Setup: Once you begin the support service we install and configure backup and security software. Then we begin periodically checking your site to make sure it is secure and up-to-date.

Support: When you have a problem, question, or need help making a change you can reach out to us via email or by entering a support ticket into our ticket system. We’ll track your issue with a ticket so that we can make sure everyone on our team stays on top of your request until it’s resolved.

Reports: At the end of the month, we’ll email you a report that explains what was accomplished the previous month on your behalf. It will tell you how your site security and stability is performing, the number of updates and patches installed, and all support tickets responded to each month.

Monthly Reports Keep You In The Loop

Get Help From a Team Available 7 Days a Week


Got questions about the details? 


Who is Site Steward?

We are a small remote team of developers headquartered out of Portland Oregon. We have built custom plug-ins, digital products, written for the community magazine, participated in bug squashing, and contributed as user group leaders.

How long has Site Steward been in business?

Our CEO John Hooley founded the company in 2008 and we have been in business 14+ years.

What kind of customers use your service?

Past clients include the University of Oregon, the Linux Foundation, the US Army, Monotype Imaging, Sanofi Genzyme, and numerous startups, small businesses, agencies, and non-profits.

What’s the difference between Site Steward and a freelance WordPress developer?

For one, we're expert programmers. Most freelancers don't have the depth of skill that we do. Because of this, they create buggy fixes that often have security holes. Additionally, we provide more reliable service. We guarantee that you have someone you know is watching your website. And we guarantee that we'll be there when you need help. Because of this, we retain most of our clients and only lose them when something fundamental changes in their business.

Do I have to sign up for a year?

No, the service is provided month-to-month and you can stop service at the beginning of any month. If you're not happy after a few months, you are under no constraint to continue using our service.

What happens if my site is hacked while you are managing it?

We recover it free-of-charge.

How are cancellations handled?

You can cancel the service at any time and we will complete the support cycle for that month and you will not be billed again.

Where are cloud backups stored?

We backup your site in secure archives to a protected Amazon S3 Storage service.

How is payment handled?

Payment is completed via credit or debit card at the beginning of the first month of service and is set up so that it recurs every following month. When you cancel, we stop payment and are responsible for the duration of that month's service.

What if I need something that takes longer than the time allowed for in the service?

We complete larger tasks on a project basis that are scoped and scheduled independent of our support service.







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We were delighted with the quality and timeliness... The preciseness of the applications developed and the speed of the project turnaround have yielded cost savings to the company within 3 months..."

Gina C., Strategic Planning and Leadership of PCF Communications Team

josh l hifi

“We enjoy working with Steward and value their professionalism and strong communication. They're great at asking the right questions to understand the larger issues and planning for the future. The trust we have in them has made it easy to take on technical projects with confidence. We recommend them to others who need competent and reliable development partners.”

— Caitlin H., Account Manager, Jespersen & Associates


“Looking for the perfect company to take your online presence to the next level? STOP! You just found them. Steward immediately understood our needs, created a systematic plan to achieve our goals, and exceeded our expectations. Perfection!”

– Kristen McDonnell, Marketing Director at Got Light