How to choose a WordPress theme that has a positive impact on my online business. This article offers tips to help you choose the theme to make your online business grow through a WordPress site. Also, I point out some common issues related to themes that you want to avoid.

Tip 1 - Choose a theme to fit your business

It does not matter if it is a free theme or a paid theme. The theme must fit your business, displaying the information in the exact spot to grab the eye to convert a visit into business. It is easier to find a good fit, looking for a theme created for your niche. What sections do you need on your WordPress site so that your side job will make you money if you are a freelancer? From a technical point of view, the theme designed for your niche will have plugin recommendations specialized for your business requirements. The layout will contain the features you need, and it will highlight important areas. The perfect theme for your business will bring the right widgets for payment, booking, or a contact section.


Tip 2 - Choose the theme from the user's point of view

Keep in your mind that making a new client is the reason for your theme choice. Imagine your future clients and what brings them to your site. What information do they need? You must look at the demo and check if the theme has adequate sections to display your content, answering their questions. If you check out you will find a useful feature filter to make your choice right on top. It may be layout

  WordPress Theme Filter

TIP 3 - Choose the theme that engages with your users

You have to be sure the theme is responsive, i.e. the layout works well in any possible device, such as a PC, a tablet, or a smartphone. Test the demo site, look at how their navigation works and how the site displays. Maybe the picture and the text will not be close enough, wasting the desired impact, or they will be too close and look ugly. Check their positions on different devices and make sure the info is readable. The call to action, that section that makes the visitor buy your product, or service must be visible and easy to find. Remember that although catchy images can help you turn a prospective client into a paying client, they need to provide information on your service or product.


Tip 4 - Choose the theme that has an adaptable layout

A free theme is never perfect. You will need to customize it to fit your needs. Go over the theme sections and see beyond the demo. Will your images or text fit in, providing the info your client desires? If the theme does not bring the sections you need, look for the ones you can adapt. Check if there are irrelevant or unnecessary sections, and be sure they are as few as possible. Every section means more loading time, and you want your site to load fast.


TIP 5 - Choose the theme which has a design that fits your brand and logo

The theme must help reinforce your brand. Choose a theme that will make your company stand out from the others in your niche. First of all, check if the WordPress theme will adapt to your logo. Make sure the shape will fit in the theme design. Next, go over fonts and colors because they make a theme look sophisticated, modern, bold, traditional, etc. Check if it fits your idea of your business personality. Observe how the Title fits the theme in the image below.


Here, not so much.



TIP 6 - Choose the theme that is easy to customize

You need to be sure you can do what you need from the backend of the site. For that, you will need a theme that does not require code edits. Make sure to check out the website and look for a documentation/support link. The theme documentation is a guide. It brings a description giving details and explaining how the developer created the demo content. The new settings must match what the developers used because even a tiny difference can sometimes make or break the layout. Customizing the theme to replicate what you see in the demo without the proper documentation is very hard. Good themes will have settings for colors, fonts, spacing, and many other layout-related items. On the image below you can find a few of the options that themes allow you to customize. Head to “Appearance” > Customize or Widgets.



TIP 7 - Choose the theme that grants excellent performance

You want to make money online fast. It means your site must have an excellent performance, meaning the speed with which your website loads. Besides that, it also influences your rankings in the search results pages of major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo. Load times can make your site slower so you need a theme that provides a setting to compress/combine Javascript and CSS performance.


TIP 8 - Choose the theme whose developer provides updates and support

Many site owners find that when WordPress updates, their site presents problems. It might stop loading, disorganize the layout, widgets do not work, etc. WordPress updates to protect your business and your customers. Hacking is a reality. You do not want a security breach that will cause a sue to fall on your lap or break your business. The updates help diminish the possibility of hacking. They are also essential for you to get the most out of your website. WordPress offers default free themes that come with the installation. If you opt for a free theme, you will need help to keep it working along the way. When you buy a theme from a reliable developer, they will provide the support you need. A reliable developer keeps the theme current with WordPress standards, preventing problems with new plugins. They provide updates, support, and documentation, avoiding the need for help from a developer. Your site will run with more efficiency, and it will not need much help from another developer.


TIP 9 - Choose the theme and do not forget it has a shelf life

There is fashion for web designing too. Every year new themes come out, following the new design and layout trends. Even the most reliable developers will not keep updating a theme that they launched over six years ago. They are not cost-effective. Maintaining your site functional will need a developer after that. You will need to buy commercial plugins from other companies along the way.


TIP 10 - Choose the theme and respect the license

Even the free themes have a developer behind their creation. Most free themes available have a link to the designer in the footer. Removing backlinks without paying is considered stealing. Avoid nulled themes (piracy is a crime). They are cheap because you will have no updates or support, and the developer will not be there when problems come. They might have malicious code or hidden backlinks. They are security problems waiting to happen.


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